Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fantastic Advertising

If I were the CEO of Air Asia or MAS, then, I think I will surely learn something from this fantastic video. Simply fantastic and amazing advertising. I've never flew in Brussels Air before but watching this video made me want to fly with them. They've got the 'human touch'.... they care about their passengers and their staff go all out to please their passengers.... errrrm...well, least that's what I understand from the message being potrayed by this fantastic video!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Is The Situation Really That Bad?

This morning, my heart nearly stopped as I watched the morning news. The man interviewed over tv3 said during his years, bus drivers only used heroin to keep alert. Nowadays, bus drivers use the ecstasy pills!!!

I guess, with that kind of confession, all the products of MAA Takaful, Takaful Nasional, Takaful Ikhlas and what not will be best sellers after this, insya Allah. Anybody who dares to travel using the public transportation without having any kind of Islamic insurance must be nuts! With this kind of situation, you are actually putting your life at stake once you board the bus.... Only God knows whose turn is it next.

Bus drivers should not only have enough rest before they start their journey, they should also stop at appropriate times to make sure their passengers have enough time to perform the obligatory prayers. After all, most bus drivers are Malays and Muslims too... Try travelling long journeys that involve the Fajr prayers. Notice that bus drivers never bother to stop in order to perform solaatul Fajr, for example. I pity those passengers who never got the chance to perform prayers when travelling in buses and if they get involved in accidents, they simply "mati katak".

Hopefully, after this, each time they are about to start their journeys, at least, to the bus drivers, recite doa's first... and initiate travel with basmalah. If they can do it in planes travelling for the hajj trip, why not on buses? After all, shouldn't all of us be practising Muslims?

Monday, August 13, 2007

There Must Be A 'Hikmah' For Everything

Yesterday morning, as usual, I 'listened' to the Ustaz preaching over TV3 while ironing the clothes after fajr prayers. The story about a king from an unknown country somehow stuck in my mind. The story goes like this:
There was this king who one day decided to cut a fruit on his own. While peeling off the fruit, he accidently cut off his finger because he had used an extra sharp knife. When he told his adviser about it, the adviser said, there must be a 'hikmah' behind everything that happens.
Feeling angry because he had amputated his finger and dissatisfied with his adviser's answer, he ordered the adviser to be prisoned instead. When asked again about his imprisonment, the adviser calmly said, there must be a 'hikmah' for his imprisonment!
Long after that, the king went into the jungle to hunt with his men (without the adviser, of course). He went for days to hunt for animals but to no avail. One day the king's troops were ambushed by the aborigines. All his men ran off for their lives when they saw the king got caught.
It turned out that the aborigines were cannibals! Fearing for his life, the king could only pray and hoped for the best. The aborigines wanted to use the king to make a sacrifice to their idols. Before doing that, they checked him thoroughly from head to toe. To their dismay, they had to let him go because of his amputated finger. He was not deemed fit for the sacrifice to their idols.
Once freed, the king ran all the way home as fast as he could. The first person that he searched for was his very own adviser who was still in prison. After the king related everything to the adviser, he said, that must be the 'hikmah' why Allah made the king cut off his finger. If not, he would have been dead by now. As for him being imprisoned, had he not been in prison, he would surely have followed the king into the jungle and would have been caught too... Since the king wasn't a perfect choice for the aborigines, then he must be the one to be sacrificed! Aha!!! Very clever adviser.
The moral of the story, I guess, is, accept whatever your written fate with redho'. Allah always knows best. Wallahu'alam bissawab.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Cure Against Magic

A very near and dear friend of mine sent me these 6 ayats for cure against magic recently. Recite them any time you like.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Beautiful scenery

I love winter. I simply love taking long walks in the woods during winter. It had therapeutic effects on me each time I took those long walks in the snow.