Monday, October 1, 2007

Child Abuse

Sad story indeed. Who is this child basher? Who is this child? Only Allah knows.

This video clip was sent to me by my niece.

May be if you're a working mother, if you can afford it, get a cctv installed at home secretly.... just to make sure that your child is not verbally, physically or sexually abused by your maid at home.

Only Allah knows what your child had to go through while you are busy working at the office.

Nowadays there are many ways to make money from home.... by blogging for instance. How exactly, I'm not very sure yet. I'll write more about how to make money from blogging once my maestro, Dr Yusri, is able to teach me in the coming blogging session after the final exams are over, I hope.

Rather than leaving your child at the mercy of others, better find alternative ways to be as near as possible to your child round the clock.